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Both belts are designed to be worn down at the hips.

For the best grip and minimum rebound, we recommend this method

You can use the belt with the pocket facing forwards or backwards -there is no right or wrong. Choose the method that suits you best

Wash bottles thoroughly before use

Pull reflective tabs outwards on the bottle holder to aid bottle removal & insertion 

When new, the bottle holder material will be tight, but this will ease over time


On either side of the waistband, pull up any excess material in between the buckle and the adjustment slider

It's a very tight fit, but slowly feed the material back over & into the buckle. Side to side motion helps movement

Pull the material all the way through the buckle as far as it will go

When fully tight, it should look like the below

To make the waistband even tighter than it's smallest setting, follow the looping instructions below:


When the running number toggles aren't being used, simply thread the elasticated material back into the toggle to form a loop. This keeps the belt tidier

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 18.57.09_edite
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