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What's the best way to wear the belt?
  • Both belts are designed to be worn down at the hips. For the best grip and minimum rebound, we recommend this method.
Do I wear the belt facing forwards or backwards?
  • You can use the belt with the pocket facing forwards or backwards - there is no right or wrong. Choose the method that suits you best
The waist strap isn't tight enough on the smallest setting - can I do anything?
  • To make the waistband even tighter than it's smallest setting, follow the looping instructions below:
When the running number toggles are not being used - how can I tuck them away?
  • When the running number toggles aren't being used, simply thread the elasticated material back into the toggle to form a loop. This keeps the belt tidier
The bottles are difficult to insert & remove - can I improve this?
  • Pull reflective tabs outwards on the bottle holder to aid bottle removal & insertion 
  • When new, the bottle holder material will be tight, but this will ease over time