About Us

Welcome to Lava Activ!

Our mantra is to help you...

 'Ignite Your Inner Fire

...with outstanding products  - so you can be the best version of yourself.

We focus on the quality of our products above everything else - bringing you a mix of style, functionality and reliability.

We're adamant we deliver quality to our customers, so we've created what we believe is industry-leading customer service. We're always here for you.

Whether you're looking to seek tranquillity in your local woods or enjoy globetrotting the planet, our products will support you every step of the way.

Lava Activ's international community regularly explores some of the most beautiful & challenging landscapes on the planet.

Our growing community of competitors is also made up of everyday people seeking their first competitive outing, to those travelling the world chasing medals. Our products evolve directly from their feedback too.

This year, we want to improve an additional 10,000 people's lives with our products and designs.

If you have any questions make sure and drop us an email over the Contact Us page or feel free to check out the FAQ.

We hope to help you 'ignite your inner fire' today!